Expungement of Traffic Tickets

Have you recently finished your deferred disposition period or do you have violations on your record that you were found not guilty for?  Then we can help you permanently remove the violations from your record and get a fresh start.

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Expungement of Class C Misdemeanor after Deferred Disposition Ends

45.051(e) of the Texas code of Criminal Procedure provides that records relating to a class C complaint dismissed after the completion of deferred disposition may be expunged under Article 55.01.

Expungement When Case Dismissed By State

If the class C offense case is dismissed without deferred disposition, there is a two year waiting period before an expunction petition can be filed. The Courts have held that the statute of limitations must run on the case before the expunction can be granted.

Expungement When Found Not Guilty

If you go to trial on the class C offense, and you are acquitted by the Judge or Jury, there is no waiting period for expunction.

Expungement of Class “C” Misdemeanors that Resulted in Deferred Adjudication

If you received deferred adjudication of a class “C” misdemeanor and completed your probation successfully, you may be eligible to have your conviction expunged. After expungement, the release, dissemination, or use of your expunged records by any state agency is prohibited.